• Services Haircuts

    The Emperial Haircut

    Offering Shampoo & Hair tonic followed by a tailored haircut, hand detailed styling, straight razor neck shave and finished with a splash of after-shave.

    € 35.00 / 30min

  • Services Shaves

    The Royal Shave

    Using hot aromatic towels, an old school cut throat razor and soothing products, You will experience shaving in its most luxurious form.

    € 30.00 / 30min


  • Services Beards

    The Superior Beard

    A sharply trimmed beard with razor defined lines, beard washed and finished with a splash of after-shave & oils
    Tame that wild beard of yours!
    € 25.00 / 30min

  • Services Sharp

    Look Sharp

    Shampoo, Style & Finish. Just before a night out, meeting, marriage,… € 20.00 / 15min




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